DBGizmo  A serious tool for busy SQL Server database professionals.
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The best way to learn more about DBGizmo is to download a free demo now!
The DBGizmo features are organized under 17 tabs. The tab names are Home, Tables, Routines, SQL, SQL, Notes,
Facts, About, and Grid1 through Grid 9.
The Home tab provides database connection features, an object name search feature, a SQL code search feature,
SQL routine scripting features, and an interactive database diagram to visualize table relationships.
The Tables tab provides a convenient way to browse table structures and parent/child relationships between tables.
It also offers several snippets of generated SQL code to work with the selected table.
The Routines tab provides an informative way to review dependencies between SQL routines and other objects. It shows a Referenced By (SQL routines) list and References To (objects) lists for the selected SQL routine.
The SQL tab provides generated SQL code for a variety of purposes. There are options for creating foreign key indexes, creating CRUD stored procedures, creating tables/triggers for auditing purposes, and more.
The SQL tab provides generated SQL code to reconcile rows in two databases with identical structures. There
are options to process all rows in selected tables or a set of related rows in related tables.
The Notes tab provides an editor for the Notes (extended properties) of various database objects. It offers a handy means to embed useful documentation into the database for future reference.
The Facts tab provides a viewer for the Facts (database properties) of all databases on the connected server. It's a simple way to compare and confirm the current configuration settings.
The About tab provides contact information, usage notes, and some program configuration options.
The Grid tabs display information about database structures. There are 48 different kinds of information about your tables, columns, SQL routines, constraints, indexes, search results, table relationships, and object dependencies.
These features offer tremendous advantages for SQL Server database developers and administrators.
The Home tab contains a group of tabs, Lists - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4, in the lower left corner.
These tabs contain query options (there are 10 of them on each tab) for database analysis.
The query options present data sets which offer interesting ways to examine schema information.
The data sets are listed below.  Please refer to the DBGizmo documentation for descriptions and details.
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