DBGizmo  A serious tool for busy SQL Server database professionals.
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Thanks for your interest in DBGizmo!
DBGizmo works with SQL Server 2000 and newer. The application requires .NET 2.0 on your PC.
There is no installer for DBGizmo, simply open the application file and use the many great features.
DBGizmo does not need write access to your database. It only reads information from system tables.
There is only one form of the application file. It can be used as a demo version or an upgrade to a licensed version.
DBGizmo automatically runs as a demo version unless the application file is accompanied by a license file. A custom license file is provided when you purchase a license. The license file automatically enables the right features.
The active features of the demo version are very similar to the DBGizmo L1 version. Some of the database analysis
features expire after 14 days. An expired demo version is functionally identical to the DBGizmo Free version.
The DBGizmo Free version is available here.
Please contact us with any questions.
Download the DBGizmo 5.2 application file!
Download the DBGizmo Documentation (PDF).
Download the DBGizmo Extras (a few examples).
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