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SQL Server Tools Introduction
SQL Server Tools is a family of powerful utility applications for working with SQL Server installations. The family of tools has many features that target various levels of a system such as servers, databases, tables, fields, code, and data. Each application focuses on a related subset of these features. The applications are rich with useful functionality, simple to use, and efficient in operation.
SQL Server Tools is not an all-in-one package that leaves a user wondering how to do simple things. The wide variety of features is divided among several robust applications that are available separately. The individual applications have a common look and feel, but each application has very unique features. The features are presented with a clean user interface tailored to the task.
SQL Server Tools is intended to be used along with Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer. The applications do not simply duplicate the fine features of the Microsoft utilities and system stored procedures. They provide powerful new functionality, some of which is not available in any other product.
The SQL Server Tools applications are based on a solid and powerful foundation provided by DBAction. The DBAction product makes the features provided by SQL Server Tools, plus many other great features, available as stored procedures. The stored procedures can be used in automated processes and in other development work.